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Carrickstone Course Guide

1st - Tak Me Doon


1st – Tak Me Doon

166 yards | Par 3

A challenging Par 3 to start your round. Beware of cross winds which may push your ball into one of the green side bunkers.

2nd - Meikle Bin

GBP_19882nd – Meikle Bin

478 yards | Par 4

At 478 yards this Par 4 is long enough to be a Par 5. A good drive down the hill is required for an iron shot to the green.

3rd - Quarry

carrickstone-3rd3rd – Quarry

388 yards | Par 4

This 388 yard Par 4 is a slight dog leg right to left, with the fairway sloping slightly left to right. Beware for the fairway bunker on the right hand side to have a mid-iron to the green.

4th - Railway

Carrickstone_Hole_044th – Railway

372 yards | Par 4

This hole is index 1 for good reason! At 372 yards, the tee shot needs to be straight to avoid the out of bounds down the right hand side and water hazards to the left and on the left hand side of the fairway. A good tee shot leaves a long iron or fairway wood to the two layered green.

5th - Rushes

carrickstone-5th5th – Rushes

172 yards | Par 3

This Par 3 is defended by a water hazard short right and a deep bunker to the left of the green.

6th - Ochiles

carrickstone-6th6th – Ochiles

364 yards | Par 4

Dog legs left to right. Avoid the two fairway bunkers on the left hand side for a mid-iron to the green.

7th - Craighalbert

Carrickstone_Hole_077th Craighalbert

285 yards | Par 4

This par 4 plays longer than its 285 yards. It is all uphill and a slight left to right dogleg.

8th - The Learig

Carrickstone_Hole_088th The Learig

477 yards | Par 5

The first of two back-to-back Par 5s, at 477 yards long presents a good birdie opportunity with the prevailing wind behind.

9th - The Lang Yin

Carrickstone_Hole_09A9th The Lang Yin

514 yards | Par 5

The second Par 5 at 514 yards requires a good drive and a good second shot to clear the fairway bunkers and have a wedge to the green.

10th Dubh Leiter

Carrickstone_Hole_10C10th – Dubh Leiter

359 yards | Par 4

Plays slightly right to left. With the wind behind is driveable for the bigger hitters, aiming over the trees in the left hand side semi rough.

11th - Glenhead

Carrickstone_Hole_11D11th – Glenhead

378 yards | Par 4

Plays from left to right. A good tee shot is required to have a medium iron shot to the raised green.

12th - The Lodge

Carrickstone_Hole_1212th – Lodge

203 yards | Par 3

This long Par 3 needs a good tee shot to find the green for your par.

13th - The Carrickstone

Carrickstone_Hole_13B13th – Carrickstone

383 yards | par 4

A tricky tee shot with out of bounds on the left and the “soup” to carry on the right, sets up an iron shot to the green.

14th - Doon The Hill

Carrickstone_Hole_14A14th – Doon The Hill

307 yards | Par 4

A driveable Par 4 with the wind behind. Aim left and use the natural contours to set up an eagle opportunity.

15th - The Burn

Carrickstone_Hole_15C15th The Burn

145 yards | Par 3

A visually delightful hole guarded by three greenside bunkers. A good birdie opportunity, but you must leave your ball below the hole.

16th - Covert

Carrickstone_Hole_1616th – Covert

431 yards | Par 4

A tough hole into the prevailing wind, a good drive and a long iron or fairway wood is needed to reach the green.

17th - Resevoir

Carrickstone_Hole_17B17th – Reservoir

385 yards | Par 4

The reservoir at the back of the green is not in play, but sets off a great back drop to the green. All downhill remember to club down for your approach shot.

18th - Beeches

carrickstone-18th18th Beeches

395 yards | Par 4

A good finishing hole, a good drive uphill to set up an iron shot from a flat lie to the green.

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