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Antonine Course Guide

1st - Campsie View

Antonine_Hole_011st – Campsie View

412 yards | Par 4

Tough Par 4 to start, requiring an accurate tee-shot to right side of fairway and set up approach shot to green. Beware the greenside bunker to front-right of green and heavy rough to left and rear of green. Green slopes front-to-back: an approach shot to front-left of green, or even just short of green, will typically feed down towards the pin.

2nd - Antonine

GBP_19882nd – Antonine

308 yards | Par 4

Relatively short Par 4 presents a good birdie opportunity but requires an accurate tee-shot to set up approach to green. Fairway is further left than it appears from tee: ideal line is to aim on the left of the two greenside bunkers. Bigger hitters may need to club-down to avoid the bunkers and leave a full shot into the green.

3rd - The Copse

IMG_53743rd – The Copse

195 yards | Par 3

Challenging Par 3 requires an accurate, well-struck tee-shot. Out of bounds left with greenside bunker protecting front-right of green: typically plays into prevailing wind and club selection all important.

4th - Auchenbee

Antonine_Hole_044th – Auchenbee

368 yards | Par 4

Challenging Par 4 with out of bounds left and fairway bunker on left-side of fairway will catch any stray tee-shots. Last 100 yards is downhill with burn running across fairway (around 30 yards short of green) in play for bigger hitters. Approach shot downhill and typically plays a club less than expected.

5th - Arran View

Antonine_Hole_055th – Arran View

371 yards | Par 4

Testing golf hole requiring an accurate tee-shot to a narrowing fairway, protected on left-side by two bunkers. Burn running across fairway around 70 yards from green is in play for bigger hitters who may need to lay-up with an iron or hybrid, leaving a full uphill shot to the green.

6th - Craigmarloch

Antonine_Hole_066th – Craigmarloch

382 yards | Par 4

Difficult Par 4 requiring an accurate, well-struck tee-shot. Anything left off the tee will be swallowed up by heavy rough; anything right will find the fairway bunker or the rough beyond. For bigger hitters, the burn running across fairway around 100 yards short of green is in play and a long iron or fairway wood off the tee might be the best option.

7th - Thomas's Tot

Antonine_Hole_077th – Thomas’s Tot

185 yards | Par 3

Downhill Par 3 that presents a good birdie opportunity but requires an accurate tee shot. Front of green protected by burn and greenside bunker, with heavy rough capturing any wayward shots struck left or long.

8th - Smithstone

Antonine_Hole_088th – Smithstone

333 yards | Par 4

Short Par 4 requiring an accurate tee-shot to set up a birdie opportunity. Burn runs along right side of fairway, heavy rough to left, and fairway bunkers left and right. Accuracy off the tee is more important than distance: anything that finds the middle of the fairway leaves an approach shot to a receptive green.

9th - Blin'Dunt

029th – Blin’Dunt

431 yards | Par 4

Index 1 and as tough as they come for a Par 4! Requires a well struck tee-shot to have any chance of reaching the green in two shots. Leaves an uphill approach shot to a green tucked away on the left side of the fairway.

10th - Braefoot

Antonine_Hole_1010th – Braefoot

337 yards | Par 4

Good birdie opportunity. A tee shot to the middle of the sloping fairway will feed down leaving a wedge shot to a receptive green.

11th - The Neuk

Antonine_Hole_1111th – The Neuk

279 yards | Par 4

Real “risk versus reward” hole: bigger hitters can go for the green but run the risk of an unplayable or lost ball if they miss the green on right. Two greenside bunkers guard left-side of green.

12th - Reid Jack

Antonine_Hole_1212th – Reid Jack

495 yards | Par 5

First of two Par 5 holes, requiring a well struck tee-shot. Out of bounds left so typically want to keep right with tee-shot. Bigger hitters may be able to reach in two, but for most a lay-up to wedge distance is likely the best option. Uphill approach to green guarded by bunker to front-left. Anything left of green will catch a severe slope and leave you struggling to make par.

13th - The Cut

Antonine_Hole_1313th – The Cut

179 yards | Par 3

A challenging uphill Par 3. Out of bounds left, burn short of green and heavy rough catching anything that misses left. Anything just right will typically feed down off slope towards the green.

14th - Stane Dyke

Antonine_Hole_1414th – Stane Dyke

318 yards | Par 4

Short Par 4 that provides a good birdie opportunity and will reward a well struck tee-shot. Left side of fairway protected by bunker with rough beyond. Right side of fairway is best option off the tee, leaving a wedge or short iron to a receptive green.

15th - Thro' The Gap

Antonine_Hole_1515th – Thro’ The Gap

171 yards | Par 3

An uphill Par 3 that presents a reasonable birdie opportunity but requires a good tee-shot. False-front on green foreshortens hole and typically requires a club more than you might instinctively think.

16th - Lang Riggs

Antonine_Hole_1616th – Lang Riggs

523 yards | Par 5

This Par 5 is a real test of golfing ability and nerve. Ideal tee-shot is left of centre, but beware fairway bunkers left and right. Bigger hitters may elect to go for green with second shot, but there’s no room for error and this requires an accurate, controlled shot to a well-protected green. For most, a lay-up to around 130 yards is the best option leaving a wedge or short iron to a tricky green. You don’t want to miss this one left!

17th - Banton

Antonine_Hole_1717th – Banton

228 yards | Par 3

Extremely tough Par 3 requiring anything from a mid-iron to driver depending on wind direction. No room for error with water hazards to front, right and rear of green, heavy rough to left, and a greenside bunker front-left for good measure. Select the right club and stroke it well!

18th - Clock

Antonine_Hole_18C18th – Clock

377 yards | Par 4

Good finishing hole that plays longer than the yardage suggests. Uphill tee-shot to a relatively narrow fairway with anything right typically blocked out making for a difficult approach shot. Bunker protects left side of fairway but only really in lay for the bigger hitters. Approach shot to a sloping green protected by bunkers front-left and front-right.

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